The city's new card

Use your kentkart+ for transportation, shopping, everywhere easily, benefit from campaigns, and earn as you spend with your card.

Live the Whole City with One Card

All your needs in one card. Easily and quickly handle all your transactions with your card.

Kentkart+ Everywhere

With your Kentkart+ card, you can shop anywhere you want, both domestically and internationally, and use your card on all public transportation vehicles.

Easy and Fast Use

Make all your financial transactions with Kentkart+ without needing a bank, and use your card easily.

Benefit from and Earn
with Campaigns

Earn instantly as you spend! Discounts at favorite brands, cashback opportunities, and much more await you.

Load Money Easily, Make Purchases

You can easily load money onto your Kentkart+ card from anywhere, anytime, and spend up to the loaded balance.

Pay fast with QR

Use the Kentkart app to quickly make all your public transportation payments and purchases with QR code.

with You 24/7

There is no time limit for your Kentkart+ transactions! Kentkart+ is with you anytime, anywhere.

Where Can I Get Kentkart+ ?

You can get your card from all authorized kentkart dealers and instantly join the advantageous world of kentkart+ by downloading the kentkart app to your phone.

How Can I Download Kentkart App ?

You can download the kentkart app for Android devices from Google Play and for iOS devices from the App Store for free.

By adding your card, you can start benefiting from the advantages of kentkart+.

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